DedicatedBytes - Terms of Service

Business Information

Full Legal Name: ByteHosting
Business Registration Number: 44291002
VAT Registration Number: 44291002
Affiliation: DedicatedBytes is a trading name and integral part of ByteHosting.

General Conditions with DedicatedBytes

DedicatedBytes reserves the right to modify the terms and pricing for hosting services at any time. The company ensures the servers are kept updated and maintains the required security within a 24-hour timeframe. Force majeure events are exempted. Compensation for downtime will be considered by DedicatedBytes, but customers cannot make claims against DedicatedBytes. DedicatedBytes retains the right to relocate customers to a different IP and/or physical server. All hosting with DedicatedBytes is subject to German law.

Dedicated Servers and Virtual Machines

A binding agreement is established between the customer and DedicatedBytes for the duration of the lease period. After the selected period expires, the customer can choose to renew or let the agreement and product expire. The customer has 2 days to renew their product after the expiration date; otherwise, all content will be deleted. Abuse of DedicatedBytes' network, including hacking and carrying out DDoS attacks, is strictly prohibited. Abuse results in immediate server closure with no possibility of a refund.

Prices and VAT

All prices are in EURO and include applicable Danish VAT at 25%.

Data Responsibility

The use of products from DedicatedBytes is at the customer's own risk. DedicatedBytes does not assume responsibility for data or content. This means that the customer is fully responsible for the data on their product, including any illegal or offensive material.

Payment and Conditions

Upon purchasing a product, an invoice is issued, and the price on the invoice is final. Customers have a 14-day withdrawal period, provided the product has not been used. A dedicated server is considered in use when the order is placed. It is the customer's responsibility to extend their products, and DedicatedBytes is not responsible for data loss upon product expiration.

Violation of Terms

If a customer violates the applicable rules and laws, DedicatedBytes will issue a warning via email, and repeated violations will result in the user being locked. DedicatedBytes reserves the right to close an account if the violation is particularly severe, such as copyright infringement, which may lead to legal action. DedicatedBytes will disclose customer information to the appropriate authorities. The account is locked immediately, and there is no compensation for the remaining product period.

Personal Data and Information

DedicatedBytes is an independent hosting company that does not disclose information to third parties. All information remains confidential between DedicatedBytes and the customer. According to data protection laws, customers have the right to full insight into the information stored by DedicatedBytes. DedicatedBytes retains all information for at least 5 years.

Data Loss

DedicatedBytes cannot be held liable for data loss due to events such as power outages, system failures, force majeure, break-ins, or similar circumstances. If a technical intervention is necessary, DedicatedBytes is not responsible for data loss.


DedicatedBytes sets up the server as quickly as possible, usually within a few minutes. For dedicated servers, the delivery time is longer, typically 1-7 business days. DedicatedBytes reserves the right to postpone setup due to technical difficulties or payment issues.

Right of Withdrawal

By purchasing a product from DedicatedBytes, the customer waives the 14-day withdrawal right once the products are in use. After the product is in use, it is non-refundable. Exceptions can be made in special cases where DedicatedBytes is responsible for significant downtime in the customer's service.

Automatic Subscription Payment

Upon subscribing to automatic subscription payments, the server will be automatically renewed. To deactivate automatic payment, customers must do so through the payment method panel or notify DedicatedBytes in writing via email or a support ticket before the server is renewed.

These terms were last updated at 20:44 on December 26, 2023.